Localz brings mobile innovation to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016

People visiting Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016 were given an interactive experience on their own mobile phones. Localz worked with IBM to use the Localz Location Platform to give people exclusive content. Interesting and relevant information was delivered based on where they were in the venue.

Challenge : Using Location Technology to provide Mobile Innovation

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is a high profile event that creates a lot of excitement. The challenge for event organisers and sponsors is to enable visitors to act on that excitement. How can they keep visitors engaged as they move about? The event is spread across several venues. Part of the challenge is providing experiences that link venues together. Visitors need to feel like it is all part of one exciting experience.

Solution : Localz Location Platform

Localz worked with IBM to provide an app for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week that provided an interactive experience for visitors, keeping them engaged and excited as they moved about the multiple venues.

Geofences were created around each venue site, and beacons were placed at various places indoors. Localz was able to prompt visitors with a welcome message when they entered a venue. Visitors were prompted to browse content that was relevant to them, and directed to areas where they could find a drink or a coffee.

Video : Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016 Mobile App


Over 1,700 people downloaded the app, providing event organisers with a good sample of who was visiting what venue.

Localz identified over 30,000 location triggers. Localz could identify when visitors entered a specific site, by using geofences. Beacons provided more specific location data, about how customers were moving around the Emporium venue.


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