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Say hello to Localz Last Mile, radically improving first-time delivery rates.

Vastly improve your delivery rates with Localz Last Mile delivery solution

By integrating the Localz Last Mile delivery solution into your app, deliveries are made to the right place, first time, by checking if a customer is home before making the delivery.

Localz Last Mile uses the latest in location technology so delivery drivers can monitor whether the customer is at the agreed delivery address in real-time.

Getting last mile delivery right

Failed deliveries are a significant cost to the delivery company to redeploy a driver and re-deliver.

This last leg of the supply chain is often the least efficient, comprising up to 28% of the total cost of moving goods.

An unattended delivery – where the customer is not at the provided address to receive the delivery – is a key reason for failed first time delivery. Unattended delivery has become a significant cost for delivery companies.

Leaving a parcel unattended exposes items to weather, and to the increasing chance of theft by “porch pirates”.

To improve first time delivery rates, delivery businesses need to reduce unattended deliveries.

Localz Last Mile Delivery solution alerts customer as the driver approaches.

Why Localz Last Mile delivery?

Localz Last Mile delivery solution for DPD

Localz Last Mile uses the latest in location technology to ensure to ensure every item is delivered successfully:

  • Increase first time delivery rates by confirming that a customer is home before making the delivery.
  • Decrease failed deliveries by rescheduling in real-time, if a customer is not home to receive their delivery.
  • Reduce SMS costs by moving more of your messaging to mobile push.
  • Minimise bulk push messaging by using personalised dynamic push messaging. Targeted dynamically triggered messaging reduces the overall volume of messaging by being more specific for the recipient, hence reducing messaging costs.
  • Provide a better customer experience as customers no longer miss deliveries or have to wait at home for long periods of time waiting for their delivery.
  • Improve data on reasons for changed deliveries with information on customers and drivers relative locations, and by providing customers the ability to update their delivery status in real-time.

DPD chooses Localz Last Mile delivery

Localz Last Mile helps DPD UK to improve their last mile delivery service by reducing costs and increasing first time delivery rates.

DPD has launched Your DPD, a new mobile app using Localz Last Mile. Localz Last Mile enables DPD’s delivery drivers to check whether a customer is at the provided delivery address in real-time before reaching the destination.

Read the DPD Case Study

What’s in Localz Last Mile delivery solution?

Localz Last Mile uses Localz Location Platform Spotz to manage and track the locations and associated technology, like beacons and geo-fences. Localz Smart Push dynamically determines a phone’s location and can send mobile push messages to the customer based on their location, in real-time.

SDKs for Apps

Operational Dashboard

Location Platform

Smart Push


  • SDKS for iOS and Android Apps.
  • Connects with Spotz and Smart Push to determine location.
  • Dashboard functions: delivery status, location summary, order inquiry, key metrics reporting
  • Export of reporting data
  • Out of band login for operational staff
  • Localz Location Platform Spotz
  • High-availability, EU-based cloud platform
  • Dynamic APIs for external integration
  • Out of band admin user access for debug and configuration
  • Triggered event (orchestration) configuration
  • Dynamically triggers push messaging based real-time location.
  • Uses a combination of silent push and significant location change, to confirm if a mobile phone is at a specific location.
  • Determines a location without unnecessarily draining the phone battery.
  • Access to Spotz Platform APIs

Localz Smart Push

Localz Smart Push takes mobile push messaging to the next level, by dynamically triggering push messages based real-time location information.  This means that your mobile push messaging is targeted, and relevant – ensuring a better customer experience.

Localz Smart Push also uses a combination of silent push and significant location change to confirm if a mobile phone is at a specific location. Unlike constant tracking methodologies, this can determine a location without unnecessarily draining the phone battery.

What makes a successful last mile delivery solution?

According to IMRG, UK retailers will dispatch 1.6 billion parcels in 2016, including click and collect services, returns and parcels from online retailers such as eBay. This emphasises the significant role last mile delivery plays in the customer shopping experience. With 68% of UK customers saying that a good delivery experience would encourage them to shop again with a given retailer, quick and efficient last mile delivery needs to be every retailers’ priority.

A few of our customers

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Want Localz Click & Collect?

By integrating Localz Click & Collect solution into your app, in-store technology and back of house, you can remove the collection queue, providing  customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Localz Click & Collect uses the Spotz location platform to make the most of the latest location technology, like beacons and geo-fences. We provide a frictionless click and collect solution, removing the queue and removing friction, to save time for you and your customers.