KPMG Europe’s internal information security conference – Hacknet – was held in Berlin in April 2015. Localz used Localz Location Platform to create a treasure hunt game for participants.


KPMG asked Localz to create a location based treasure hunt game, using location technology and beacons, that could not be hacked by KPMG security experts at Hacknet 2015.


  • For the treasure hunt game, participants were split into groups to uncover clues, which were located close to a beacon.
  • The game’s objective was to recover the “explosive banana drone,” which “threatened” KPMG Berlin HQ.
  • Participants were equipped with a map and the Hacknet app.
  • The Hacknet app, built on the Localz platform, enabled players to find the clues, which became visible on their phone when close to a beacon.
  • They needed to collect all the clues, and then complete the mission.


Despite The KPMG White Hat Team testing our security to its limits by packet sniffing the data, trying to decompile the app and trying to penetrate the database, Localz came out unscathed, forcing all involved to hit the street to uncover clues, and use their skill to unlock the secrets.

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