John Lewis uses Localz Click & Collect


Localz won JLab 2014 with the Localz Click & Collect solution, using micro-location to improve John Lewis’ Click&Collect service.

John Lewis Click & Collect Challenge

As a 150 year old retailer, John Lewis had challenges providing the high level of service they pride themselves on, with their new Click & Collect service. Localz was asked to address the following:

  • improve customers experience online and in-store
  • cut waiting times for picking-up orders
  • increase operational efficiency

Video of the award winning Localz Click & Collect

Localz Click & Collect Solution for John Lewis

Localz Click & Collect solution used location technology to streamline the collection process.

  • A beacon was placed near the store entrance.
  • Upon arriving at the store, customers with orders received an automatic notification to their device asking if they would like to collect the order.
  • Once the customer clicked  ‘yes’, staff were notified to locate and deliver the order to the collection desk.
  • While the order was being prepared, the customer was guided to the collection desk via their device.
  • When the customer arrived at the collection desk, the order was waiting for them.

Benefits to John Lewis

The Localz Click & Collect solution was a great success, providing clear improvements including:

  • reduced waiting times for collection
  • customers spend more time shopping rather than waiting in a queue
  • track and improve staff efficiency.

John Lewis says

“Innovation is at the heart of John Lewis and JLAB, our first tech incubator, has given us a new way to explore the technologies that will change how we all shop in the future.”

Paul Coby, IT Director, John Lewis


L Marks

L Marks ran the JLab incubator in 2014 on behalf of John Lewis.

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