Improve First Time Access Rate with Real-time Messages

Localz automated real-time ‘on-my-way’ time of arrival messages enable customers to see their technician en-route. Our simple to use apps are popular with technicians, helping them manage their jobs and locate colleagues. The field and office team have real-time visibility of their customer location and proximity of technicians.

Field Service Communications

Customer is advised on estimated arrival time.

Customers receive an “About to arrive” text and push notification in their app.

Customers can see their driver arriving with a live ETA and have the ability to contact the driver.

Feedback links are sent by SMS and push notifications.

Easy to complete thumb friendly feedback form. Integrated with web and apps.

Scan to Van

Improving mobile stock accuracy and inventory in the field

A one-click Scan to Van solution

Automatic replenishment request

Dashboard overview of all stocks across vans

“The Localz team have worked with us to bring one-click Scan to Van. Designed with our technicians for our technicians, it is easy and intuitive to use”

Renee Cacchillo, Senior Vice President Customer, Brand & Technology, Safelite Group

What’s in the Localz Last Mile Solution?

Field Service App

Automated location-triggered messaging. Bring-Your-Own-Device enabled. In-flight updates, location visible to colleagues and customers.

Smart Messaging

Dynamically triggers SMS and push messaging to the customer based on real-time location of the technician. Determines a location without unnecessarily draining the phone battery.


Ease of integration using our APIs for job notifications.


High-availability, cloud platform. Dynamic APIs for external integration. Out of band admin user access. Real-time location data.

Operational Dashboard

Real-time visibility of your field team's location. Adjust resources and process in real-time.

Scan to Van

Manage multiple lines of stocks across all vans. Automate replenishment.