Unleash the power of Localz Location Platform.

The Localz Location platform from Localz lets developers integrate location services into mobile apps in three steps:

1. Set up locations on the Spotz console.
2. Initialise Spotz in your mobile application.
3. Activate Spotz notifications when the mobile reaches a set location.
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See Localz Location Platform in action:

The nuts and bolts of Spotz


Spotz supports all micro-location technology, including iBeacon interactions, in Apple devices running iOS 7.0+. With no static libraries or complex builds to manage, you can simply include the ‘Spotz SDK’ in your project dependencies. More on Github.


Spotz supports all micro-technology, including iBeacon interactions, in Android devices running OS 4.3+. With no complex frameworks to setup or manage, you can simply include the ‘Spotz SDK’ in your Gradle or Maven project. More on Github.

Supercharged SDKs

Native SDKs smartly balance reliable micro-location actions with battery efficiency. Spotz smartly selects the best available location technology (iBeacon, BLE Beacons, WiFi and GPS) to define real-world interactions in your mobile app.

Choice of APIs

Open APIs simplify integration with existing applications and third-party solutions. You can see our integration guide here. If you would like API documentation please email us at

Open interfaces

RESTful APIs simplifies the integration of Spotz with existing platforms and third-party solutions. An intuitive cloud-hosted CMS can be used to quickly generate content for trials, pilots and one-off deployments.  Our integration guide is here. If you would like API documentation please email us at

Beacon agnostic

Localz works with a wide range of beacon manufacturers, including Bluvision and Customers can source directly from beacon suppliers, or beacons can be sourced by Localz for immediate deployment.

Beacon toolkit

This utility lets your compatible iOS device become a Bluetooth Low Energy broadcaster and scanner. Test your apps quickly and easily before testing with physical hardware, and automatically generate beacons, load beacons from QR codes, or manually create beacons. We’ve also included a beacon ranging service which allows you to monitor proximity to known beacons. More on Beacon toolkit.

Programmatic configuration

Manage the entire platform through APIs, scripts and configuration files via Spotz endpoints. Unlike web portals, files can be used to establish settings across environments programmatically. Each interaction point can be updated dynamically to support highly integrated enterprise environments.

DevOps ready

Spotz gives you granular control through JSON configuration files with related build, test and deployment scripts to support automated, Continuous Integration environments. Establish any number of environments, each with dedicated and automated test cases. Files are version controlled and can be backed out or swapped to support enterprise change efforts.

Online or offline

Spotz caches micro-location interactions and content to help ensure a smooth experience with or without a reliable wireless connection.

Enterprise connectivity

Enliven the experience by leveraging existing content with Spotz. Pre-defined integration patterns make it easy to work with popular platforms like Teradata DMC, Teradata RTIM,, Zapier Webhook, HTTP get Webhook, Thunderhead, HTK and Urban Airship.

Global scale

Spotz is a cloud-hosted platform that lets you scale from trial to global usage rapidly, without any performance loss. Our 24/7 managed infrastructure runs in multiple data centres in Asia, the Americas, Australia and Europe.


Monitor and manage your interactions with a user-friendly analytics dashboard. Spotz has been designed to work with for out of the box integration with over 120 analytic platforms.

A few platforms that work seamlessly with Spotz…

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