Woolworths Australia chooses Localz Click & Collect

Woolworths reduces collection times by 50% using Localz Click & Collect


Woolworths Australia halved service times using geo-fences with Localz Click & Collect solution to streamline the collection process.

Challenges addressed by Localz Click & Collect

Localz worked with Woolworths Australia to implement Localz Click & Collect, to address the following challenges with the Woolworths click and collect service:

  • increase in-stores sales
  • improve the customer experience through multiple channels
  • cut waiting times for collection of orders
  • increase operational efficiency
  • deliver relevant messages and offers.

Localz Click & Collect solution for Woolworths

Localz Click & Collect solution used location technology to streamline the process.

  • A geo-fence was created around each click and collect store.
  • Upon arriving at the store, customers with orders received an automatic notification to their mobile, asking if they would like to collect the order.
  • Once the customer clicked  ‘yes’, staff were notified to locate and deliver the order to the collection desk.
  • While the order was being prepared, the customer was guided to the collection desk via their device.
  • When the customer arrives at the collection desk, the order was waiting for them.

This solution is now being rolled out to over 200 stores across Australia.


The Localz Click & Collect solution provided the following benefits to Woolworths Australia:

  • reduced average collection times by 50%,  from 15 to 7.6 mins
  • minimum collection time of 15 seconds
  • minimum staff acknowledgement time of 42 seconds.
  • team member and customer satisfaction doubled on average

Woolworths says

“This is much more professional and matching the in-store experience with that experience online. It’s all about winning from a customer point of view – the store process is the same. But it’s about reducing service times for the customer.”

Elise Barber, Woolworths, Online Head of Business Development

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