Woolworths Australia Cheese Room Browsing

Woolworths works with Localz to deliver Cheese Room browsing with Beacons


Localz used 40 beacons in close proximity, to deliver detailed cheese information directly to customer’s phones. Localz conducted the pilot with Woolworths Australia in their Double Bay store, to enable customers to more easily receive detailed product information directly to their phone, as they were browsing.


Woolworths Double Bay store includes a high end cheese room. The challenge for Localz was how to provide detailed product information, for individual product that were no more than 30 cms apart, in a way that was simple, non-clunky, relevant and engaging for the customer.

Woolworth also wanted to collect data on which individual products the customers were browsing.


Beacons were installed behind each cheese in the room, so that when customers were in front of a specific one, they could place their phone near a display and see relevant product information displayed on their device.

Localz’ solution allowed customers to pull detailed information about a particular cheese to the top of their phone, by placing their phone near a display. The content included information such as ingredients, dietary guidance, cheese source and suggested wine pairings.

The challenge with this was to ensure that customers received the details about the cheese they were closest to and not the ones next to it. As beacons detect Bluetooth signals from 10cm to 70m, Localz used smarts in the Spotz platform and SDK to manage the distance at which content was triggered. Content was only triggered when the phone was within 10cm of a beacon, meaning the customer would only see the content relevant to cheese they had their phone closest to. Thus, customers were quickly and easily able to access relevant content and to aid their purchase decision.

The solution was built for the Woolworths’ Double Bay store and the adjacent Dan Murphy’s liquor store. As Australian regulations require alcohol to be sold in dedicated liquor stores, Localz installed beacons in both stores so that customers could be provided complementary offers. Customers who had purchased cheese from the cheese room, were presented with an offer for recommended wine when they entered the Dan Murphy liquor store.


Localz’ cheese room browsing solution encouraged relevant add-on purchases. Woolworths gathered data about what cheeses the customers were browsing, and could compare this with the cheese they actually purchased. Combined with the Click and Collect experience, integrated loyalty and location-triggered payment, Localz improved the customer journey in-store and boosted sales.

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