Improving customer experiences with Localz Last Mile and Localz Click & Collect

Click on the links below to discover how Localz is helping to reimagine the last mile of the customer experience.


Learn how DPD UK use Localz Last Mile to improve their first time delivery rate.

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Woolworths Click&Collect

Discover how Woolworths Australia use Localz Click & Collect to manage their in-store customer experience.

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John Lewis

John Lewis implemented Localz Click & Collect solution to reduce customer wait times and improve staff efficiency.

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The Grand National

BPL Digital and Localz helped visitors at Grand National 2014 used Localz Click & Collect to jump queues and order drinks from their mobile phones.

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016

Localz worked with IBM to provide mobile innovation at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016 using Localz Location Platform.

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Woolworths Double Bay Cheese Room

Woolworths’ Double Bay Cheese Room used Localz Location Platform to deliver relevant content, based on a customer placing their phone close to a specific cheese. 40 beacons were used in a room with cheeses only 20 cm apart.

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80,000+ Homepass beacons work with Homepass 360 app, which includes micro-location created with the Localz Location Platform to provide a seamless home buying experience for buyers, sellers and agents.

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KPMG Treasure Hunt

Localz created a treasure hunt game, based on Localz Location Platform, in which participants were split into groups to uncover clues which became visible on their phone when close to a beacon.

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Retail Week 2015

Localz Location Platform worked with Confui to enable the Retail Week Event app with location technology and real-time experiences.

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