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Say hello to Localz Click & Collect solution. Don’t manage the queue. Remove it.
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Localz Click & Collect solution doesn’t manage the queue, it removes it.

Streamline your customers’ shopping experience… from buying online to in-store collection.

Localz Click & Collect solution is proven to:

  • Reduce collection times by 50%
  • Reduce operational costs by up to 30%
  • Increase revenue by up to 20%

Why Localz Click & Collect solution?

The use of location technology to streamline the click and collect solution means that:

  • Customers spend more time shopping than waiting
  • Workforce productivity increases by enabling staff to process orders, no matter where they are in the store
  • Management can monitor results, using the powerful operational dashboard
  • Customer satisfaction increases
  • Queues are shorter, reducing customer wait times
  • Retailers can use either consumer-grade or ruggedised devices
  • Integration to existing POS and Data Warehouse solutions is easy
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Localz Click & Collect customer stories

John Lewis
Grand national

Localz Click & Collect solution uses the best location tech

Localz Click & Collect solution includes Localz Spotz location platform, making full use of the latest location technology, like beacons and geo-fences, to provide a smooth service.

As customers approach their collection store, they receive a notification asking if they would like to collect their parcel. If they respond with ‘yes’, staff are immediately alerted, ensuring that the parcel is ready and waiting for them upon arrival at the collection desk.

The Localz Click & Collect solution not only provides a positive mobile experience for customers, it  frees staff from waiting at the collection desk, and enables them to provide a smoother, faster service.

Localz Click & Collect solution is used by leading retailers  and has won multiple awards, including JLAB 2014, PayPal StartTank 2015, Dagrofa IDEAS 2015, IBM SmartCamp Australia 2015 and more.

Customer collecting a parcel at a Localz Click & Collect solution collection point.

What’s in Localz Click & Collect solution?

Localz Click & Collect solution sits on Localz Spotz location platform, which manages and tracks the locations and associated technology, like beacons and geo-fences. Spotz makes it easy to scale, by managing large numbers of locations and different location technologies in one platform.

Localz Click & Collect solution is built on robust enterprise grade technology. Enterprise adapters make it easy to integrate with your existing systems.

Localz Click & Collect also has an additional Scan-on Scan Off module. This enables retailers to easily keep track of parcels at a collection point.





APIs for

  • Branded white label iOS and Android apps
  • Email or mobile customer validation
  • Notice on order status change (optional)
  • Details on uncollected Click & Collect orders
  • Notice on arrival at Click & Collect store
  • Dynamic publication of store pickup
  • Branded responsive web kiosk
  • Request order collection (by order number, email or registered mobile
  • Attendant help request button
  • (optional) scan of customer loyalty card
  • Branded white label iOS or Android attendant app
  • Attendant login & store selection
  • Notice of customer collection requests
  • Push notice on unactioned collection requests
  • Assignment of collection requests
  • Dashboard functions: order status, location summary, order inquiry, order status override, uncollected parcels report, key metrics reporting
  • Activity logging for customer and attendant collection requests
  • Export of reporting
  • High-availability, Australian based cloud platform
  • Dynamic APIs for external integration
  • Out of band admin user access for debug and configuration
  • Location management
  • triggered event (orchestration) configuration
  • Order and parcel status integration – batch (SFTP) or event-driven (API)
  • Access to full API suite for orders, inquiry, reporting
  • iOS and Android libraries available for production integration

“This is much more professional and matching the in-store experience with the experience online…it’s about reducing service times for the customer…It’s about customers telling me they love it – that feedback brings a smile to my face…”

Elise Barber
Elise Barber, Online Head of Business Development, Woolworths

Tips for a successful click and collect solution

Localz Click and Collect Kiosk Thank You Pop Up screenshot

Providing click and collect services is on the rise through the world, particularly in the UK. According to research by Planet Retail 76% of online shoppers will use click and collect by 2017.

The number one barrier to shopping online is the cost of delivery, with 1 in 4 online shoppers saying they are deterred by inconvenient delivery times. Click and collect in-store is now an expected option for shoppers, with a 20% increase in click and collect usage in the UK in 2015.

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Click and Collect Service

Interested in Localz Last Mile delivery?

Localz Last Mile delivery solution ensures deliveries are made to the right place, first time.

Localz Last Mile checks to see if a customer is home, in real-time, before making the delivery. By integrating Localz Last Mile into your existing mobile apps, Localz enables your delivery drivers to check whether a customer is at the delivery address, in real-time, before reaching the destination.

Need a different location-enabled experience?

There are literally thousands of bespoke location experiences you can create with the Spotz platform from Localz.

For example, watch this video showing how you can create an endless aisle, by triggering content by placing your phone near a beacon enabled display. Localz developed this Endless Aisle solution with PayPal and Braintree for the Start Tank initiative.

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